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My websites have had various media coverage over the years which I am very happy about and appreciate:

July 2005

I was in Full House Magazine talking about my autograph collection! Click here to see the article!
March 2005

I was contacted by Donna Radio Station in Belgium to do an interview about my autograph collection and my name, Ellen. If you want to hear the interview please click here.
2001 - 2004

The Fruit Quiz - Personality test - over the last few years my personality test has featured on various top websites and in magazines, which has kept the personality test alive, we have now had over a million people to take the test. In 2001 it was featured on the Hip Clicks on USAtoday. In 2004 it was featured on the Zoo Weekly Magazine Website and Ray Owens' Joke A Day Site.

Webkin Online was featured in "Web Pages Made Easy" magazine. Click here to see the article.
Tuesday, May 18, 1999.

After my diary being featured on Virgin Radio for 6 weeks on Pete and Geoff's show. Today my story was in the Bath Chronicle. Click here to see the article.

I appeared on the news talking about the old #bath. Read my story.

Friday, January 2, 1998.

I woke up after feeling ill for the last four days thinking "oh I am bored." I picked up my mobile and saw I had an answering machine message. It said something along the lines of "Hello Ellen, this is Kevin Burden from BBC News West, we are doing a story on the Internet and we were wondering if we could come and chat with you." I phoned Kevin up and agreed that the next Tuesday would be the filming day.

Tuesday, January 6, 1998.

I came home from college and I was really excited. I got changed and then waited. At about 3pm Kevin Burden and the camera man arrived and they filmed me.

Wednesday, January 7, 1998.

After seeing me on the news, Nick Nelson the I.T. Manager of "Buro Happold" telephoned the BBC and sent a message for me to phone him. I phoned him and he asked me if I could send my CV. I e-mailed my CV and I was asked to an interview.

Friday, January 9, 1998.

I went to the interview and looked around the building. It was very nice. I was a little nervous but I got on ok.

Monday, January 12, 1998.

Nick Nelson phoned me and told me I had got the job. I was thrilled so I phoned Kevin and told him. He was happy too. :)

Thursday, January 15, 1998.

I was phoned by "Buro Happold" and they had been in touch with the BBC and I was invited to do a follow up on the news.

Friday, January 16, 1998.

The interview was great fun again. Click here for pictures and sounds!

Wednesday, January 21, 1998.

Today #Bath was featured in the local newspaper, The Bath Chronicle. Click here to see the article!

© Ellen Stafford, 2005