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Ellen Stafford, 26 of Oldfield Park, Bath, loves autographs.

It has to arrive soon" I muttered. Then an envelope dropped onto the mat. I ripped it open. "Wow," I said. "Brilliant!" I'd written to the actor Shane Richie asking for his autograph. Now he'd sent a signed photo. I was glad to have it but the fun part had been the anticipation. I'd just have to collect more!

I started writing to celebrities. They didn't all reply. But the waiting part was exciting. Soon I was sending off 60 letters a month. I began to get replies of signed photos or letters. It was a thrill each time.

Two years passed. Soon I had over 400 autographs. As well as sending letters I made a note of any stars coming to my town. When I discovered the comedienne Jo Brand was doing a book signing I went along. "Can I get my picture taken with you?" I asked. "Of course" she said. When I got the photo developed I sent it to her. She posted it back with the message I don't know who's the most gorgeous. She'd written it next to her signature.

My autographs are filed away but I scan them into my computer to display on the internet. I've got everyone from Elton John to Barbara Windsor. My boyfriend Nigel was so impressed he started collection too. I was happy that we had a hobby to share.

Since joining Eastenders, Shane Richie become so popular I'd probably be waiting ages for him to write back. Someone I know had to wait 12 years to get a reply from an actor. As for me, I'll be collecting autographs for as long as I can. I can't see myself ever signing off.

Edited by Anna Gordon

© Ellen Stafford, 2005