I was in our local newspaper "The Bath Chronicle." I have scanned in the article and it has got a piccie on it but it takes awhile to download. If you want to see it click here.

If you want to know what was written then read this.

Ellen is back on line thanks to city firm

A YOUNG computer enthusiast who set up a Bath Internet group has started a new job - just in time to stop her mum pulling the plug on her link to the electronic super-highway.

Ellen Stafford, 18, from Larkhall, has joined the information technology team at city engineering consultants Buro Happold.

For the last three years she has been an avid user of the internet, and set up the chat programme #bath a year ago.

However, the future of the enterprise was in doubt when her mother told her to stop using the internet until she found a job and could contribute to the phone bill.

In November, information technology manager at Buro Happold, Nick Nelson, had identified a need for a general assistant for the team, probably a school leaver.

Then he saw a BBC TV news item describing how Ellen had set up #bath.

He contacted the BBC, and Ellen ended up e-mailing her CV just in time for the interviews. She was chosen from a short-list of six and started work on Monday.

Mr Nelson said: "She's just the person I had in mind, someone with initiative towards computers."

"She's a bubbly character, very chatty and isn't scared of computers; not afraid to get her hands on them and sort them out.

"Generally she will be assisting in all matters IT, configuring computers, sorting out hardware and software, generally helping everyone in the IT group."

The company which is responsible for designing the Millennium Dome in Greenwich, has also offered to pay for her to go back to college on day release.

Meanwhile Ellen's mum has put her back on line at home.

Ellen said "It's brilliant.

"Things are really going well. My life is looking up, I'm back on the internet and I've got a job as well."

The former Oldfield School pupil is hoping that the new position will set her up for a career in computers.

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