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Site 1

Ellen Stafford


Whats on the site?
The site has been online since the start of 1997 and has grown to include many different sections. It's one of the more famous UK home pages, having been featured on Virgin Radio.

Are there new sections on the way?
Depite this stardom, Ellen has not been distracted from the important job of maintaining her pages, and is currently working on a new penpal section.

What computer hardware was used?
The PC used to create the pages runs Windows 95, and has a pentium 200 MMX processor. This is not fast by today's standards, but it's more than sufficient for most people's needs.

Was a web editing package used?
Ellen has created the HTML code for the pages by hand, using Windows Notepad.

How were the graphics created?
With the help of Microsoft image composer and Paint Shop Pro 5. There are many pictures on the site, which come from Ellen's new digital camera. Digital cameras are an easy way of putting pictures straight onto a PC.

What can I learn from this site?
It's a great example of how to use frames on a web page. See our intermediate tutorials to find out how you can feature frames on your site.

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